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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Misguided words.

I remember that it hurts, seeing him hurt.

Those are the words from stuck in love that i've been repeating since forever and it kinda stuck in my mind a lot lately. Except well I changed the word her with him of course. Cause I remembered it exactly as I remembered it, that it hurt seeing him hurt. A lot of things seems to run in my mind lately and most of them I tell you had no whatsoever relation to academics, well except for the major scholarships problem I had. But yeah, the thing is. Why do we always, I mean, always went back to the ones we loved even though we knew that we hurt them a lot and why do we always tend to love them as it was a normal thing to do. That it wasn't awkward at all. I mean, you left them stranded and then you came back like nothing happened in between. It's like loving them has this one familliar sense, it's like however far you try to dissapear, you'll always end up with that same, one person ; like you were meant to be that way. Fate or whatsoever kinda played a twisted plot on you making you believe that you'll never feel that same feeling to anyone else except that one person.

I mean why ? Why do we pick random people or yeah ( we didn't but they came bursting into our life out of nowhere) and let them ruined us, FREAKIN RUIN US.

Love is blind and all that but sometimes it gets me wondering how much love is enough to give to someone. Was it to the point of infinity that we'll stop loving them or "till death do us apart" plays it's role in here or we'll never really stop loving them.

And why do we always fall in love with someone that had all the wrong reasons of not to date but we date them anyway. And it humiliates us so much that they're not as perfect that we imagined but still, we love them anyway.

Love is an overrated statement and you can give it any emotion you want but sometimes it's just words. You can never really know everything about a person and that maybe one day you're so in love with them but the next day you don't feel the same.

Yeah for me, I just want to know that the next day I wake up that I'm not gonna feel differently, that I knew that this is it. That I knew that at the end of my day, I had that one special person to come back to.

Whoever that misguided self-indulged unlucky person is,be safe in your way here. Cause I still believe in ya dude. And whatever answer to those questions above, keep it to yourself. We all have our perspectives.
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Friday, July 19, 2013

Here we go, the new ride.

Here we go. The new roller coaster ride of a whole different life. And all I'm gonna say is , I feel like flying.
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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Dengan kuasamu .

Dengan kuasamu. Nur One :D

sejuk hati dengar .
senang senang dengar la eh?
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