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Cause one day you'll finally realize that the light that enter your eyes in the first place was never meant to be your light at all.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

you make the night glow even when there is no light.

This is about a girl that never runs out of reasons to smile:)
hee,kawan comel aku nih.
terharu gile ouh bile kau post entri pasal aku,airmate mencurah curah tau  bile bace*
okayy,over laa tuh.HAHA.mungkin bukan nangis macam tu laa tapi sumpaa tersentuh weyy.klik laa sini.
betul ape kau cakap,kalau na tulis sume memory tuh mungkin tak cukup kot blogspot nih,terlampau banyak,terlampau berharga kann♥ 
i miss you more than a girl misses her barbie and a lot whole more than a boy missed playing ball:)

liyana zahirah
a day without you is like a year without rain♥

cume nak kau tau,aku sayang kau walaupun kau ta penah tau;)
ingat tu je okayy? 

sayanggg korang! memberi komen tu care hidup sihat taw!

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