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Sunday, November 28, 2010

adam young♥

 OMG!dye nih sanad comel dowh!well,bagi aku lahh.ta tau lak korg:)atau aku sorg jea yg knal sape beliau nih.iskh.

okie.ni adalah frontman owl city.alaa,yg lagu fireflies andd vanilla twilight tuh.
i digged all his stuff.ehh,ta! bkn mksud aku,aku gali semua brg dye!
aku minat dye dan lagu lagu dye.yupp,his lyrics are wonderful man!lagu dye cam dreamy,elektronik pop andd bole buat org rse cam kat ats awan gtu.haha.
lagi satu,adam young nih seorg pghidap insomnia.andd dye buat lagu bile dye ta leh tdo beb!

err,kalau aku.tergolek sana,tergolek sini,bangun,duduk,cbe kuak lentang,rama rama daniel beego andd mcm mcm posisi dkt na 3 jam bru dpt tdo.tp dye! bole buat lagu pulak tuh.huh.

heyy,tp kire okie lah tuh.time macam tuhlah mentol kepale sng na menyale:)
 anyway,these are among my favourites

if i cut you,i supposed i would bleed.the colours of the evening stars.
you can go anywhere you wish,but i'll be there wherever you are.
                                               -tehcnicolour phase.owl city.

we'll fill the metro sky,with country air.but when you close your tired eyes,
i'll meet you there.
- i'll meet you there.

if this what i called home,why does it feel so alone?
so tell me darling,do you wish we fall in love? all the time:)
-saltwater room.

because when i think of you,i don't feel so alone.
as many times as i blink,i'll think of you tonight.
-vanilla twilight.

when our fingers entwine,your sights harmonize with mine.
-if my heart was a house.

it's hard to say that i rather stay awake when im asleep 'cause everything is never as it seems.

haa,camne?let me prove it to you one more time.

ahah!dye gelak.
ehh,kalau ta suke jgn sibokk:)

sayanggg korang! memberi komen tu care hidup sihat taw!

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