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Thursday, August 25, 2011

meluat kot.

without me knowing it, i've been to the hospital ward a lot lately because the slightly and painfully sickness that doesn't seem to get away . nurse tu pun da bole add aku kat facebook da aku rase. it's hurt to know that leaving school for almost two weeks makes you such a hot issue among the teachers and students , cehh . It also hurt to know that people assume you are having an operation and is going to be dead anytime soon . oh , she doesn't have much time left , do you heard the news?  they said . gosh . it mostly hurt to know that everyone in class is catching up with the latest subjects and you are forced to cover it all up before the next exam ; after you got to know that you're ranking is dropping down seriously from 15 t0 148 on the result board and you missed to answer two out of ten exams . But , I don't really know which one hurts the most , to know that you are sick of me or I am sick because of you or that this all happens because of you . If so, thanks a lot , i'm really grateful . REALLY GRATEFUL , i said .
sayanggg korang! memberi komen tu care hidup sihat taw!

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