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Friday, September 02, 2011

when reality sweeps you beneath its feet .

currently, i'm tired of thinking that universal and modernized people could actually change when they want too.It's maybe because the fact that i'm gladly accepting the fact itself. People want change . All the time. sounds complicated? well, life is. At the very moment you thought that maybe everything does happen for a reason and it turns out just the way you thought earlier and it happens just as you predicted. And maybe in that one point in your life you start to think that when the sunshine was hidden from you and the rain starts to fall heavily into your life you would be shocked enough to get up and start all over again. Until you felt sick of ever doing it. But the one thing that most people forgot and neglected is that behind every pouring rain , a rainbow is just waiting to appear and might just made your day if only you'd have that slightest urge to believe in it.
sayanggg korang! memberi komen tu care hidup sihat taw!

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